Second Hand Shopping – definition, benefits and where to buy second hand (2023)

Would you like to buy used more often in the future or just learn more about buying used?Then you are exactly here! Second-hand items are experiencing their second spring. It's eco-friendly, cheap, fair, and last but not least, it's available online and locally. The boom is especially noticeable on clothes -anyone :rThe third fashion consumer also buys "second hand".instead of "new".₁

In this article, I want to give you everything you need to know about secondhand. From the definition, benefits and popular secondhand items to where to buy and sell online and on the website. Let's go!

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Definition: What does the second hand really mean?

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the second hand is understoodGoods that have already been used by someone but are still in good working order. Buying used means buying something used. For example, used but still new pants, dresses and sweaters, a two-year-old smartphone, an interesting book or an old chair.

Advantages: why buy used?

I've already mentioned some of the advantages, but I'd like to explain them in more detail here. After all, they deliverbasic motivationto avoid buying a new one and preferring a used item.

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Save resources and protect the environment

No consumption of new material, no production, no packaging waste, no contamination.- Anyone who buys used goods protects the environment and that alreadynatural resourcesof planet earth.

Buying second-hand is a big part of more sustainablyand also promotes the acceptance of resource savingsCircular economy principleas is the case of stores such as , among othersMedimopsis shown as an example. This makes it even easier for consumers to buy used instead of new.

To save money

Another very important argument for many used goods is cost savings. Since they have already been used by other people, that is, however,used goods in new conditionsuch as dining tables, clothing, children's toys or cutlery sets are logically much cheaper. AcrossTherefore, a sustainable action can save money.

Take advantage of individual variety

Conscientious second-hand buying wonderfully compensates for the production of cheap mass-produced goods. On the one hand, because you are not even tempted to buy a new product; on the other hand, because many used products (also by their past)authentic unique piecesThey are and represent individuality.

value things

Whoever buys second-hand respects and values ​​the work of those involved in its production, the material, natural resources and of course the product itself.respect and appreciationbuying second hand is also real guysstatement againstthe disposable society.

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Important note:These are some of the most important ones.Advantages of the second handin the short version. I explain these and other reasons in detail behind the link.

Article: What is suitable for second-hand shopping?

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You can buy almost anything used! It would be much easier to make a list of things you shouldn't buy used. I only do both because of course I love you overview and at the same time some inspirationWhy do you buy everything so secondhand?

What can you buy used?

What consumer goods can you save money on by saving resources and avoiding a new purchase? The following second-hand items (and suitable examples) are particularly popular:

  • Path(e.g. distressed jeans, evening dresses or knitted sweaters)
  • books(for example, reading novels and non-fiction books)
  • Household items(e.g. used cutting boards, bowls and colanders).
  • electronic(for example used smartphones, computers or audio equipment).
  • decoration(e.g. curtains or vases)
  • idiot(e.g. necklaces or watches)
  • instruments(for example, saxophones or guitars)
  • Furniture(e.g. dining tables, armchairs or cupboards)
  • office supplies(for example, stapler, hole punch, or file folder)
  • toy(e.g. Lego bricks or wooden building blocks)
  • board games(e.g. Monopoly or Ludo)
  • vehicles(for example old cars or motorcycles)
  • game console(z. B. Playstation ou Xbox)
  • movies and music(e.g. on DVD, CD or disk)
  • antiques(e.g. handcrafted books or furniture > 100 years old)

What is better not to buy used?

As cheap and eco-friendly as used products are, here are some things you shouldn't buy used, to be honest, especially for health reasons:

  • mattresses, which may contain bedbugs or mold, for example.
  • bike helmetsThey can no longer offer adequate protection because they have already witnessed an accident.
  • soft toythat children also put in their mouths and are breeding grounds for germs or lice. The word “market” acquires a very special meaning 😉
  • Shoethat have already been used by someone with a different foot shape, which can lead to foot deformities.
  • Vacuum Cleaner, which contain germs or allergens that accumulate not only in the case, but throughout the device.

Places to go: Where can you buy and sell second-hand items?

You are inspired and motivated.Buy second-hand things that you really need and sell second-hand things that you no longer need.? So now there are countless possibilities, both online and offline. Here I would like to introduce you to the best second-hand addresses on the Internet and locally in your area.

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second hand on the internet

Whether classified ad portals, online stores or refurbished technology platforms, here are some touchpoints on the net to purchase used products and offer them yourself:

  • Medimops:Anyone looking for used books, movies, music CDs or console games should definitely stop by.
  • Amazonas*:Even with the e-commerce giant, you can get used or returned products (from virtually every product category) cheaply and save resources.
  • eBay classifiedsOf course, the popular classified ads portal should not be missing from second-hand internet touchpoints. Here you can buy and sell almost anything second-hand.
  • ABOUT YOU:Under the term "Second Love", you will find a large selection of second-hand fashion in new condition at the online clothing store.
  • Ebay*: You can also offer and sell used items on eBay.
  • back market:Used technical devices such as smartphones or laptops are professionally maintained and refurbished by Backmarket. The company is a flagship in therenovated-Zweig.

Do you know any other good places to buy used stuff?So feel free to share them with me and the community in the comments.

Used locally on site

These days, most second-hand transactions in the digital world are done online, but there are also classic ways and means of doing one or the other business in the analogue world. You must try the following places:

  • Markets and bazaars:In almost every city, flea markets or bazaars take place at regular intervals. Pay attention to the dates in the newspaper. Whether on a small scale in the garage or on a large scale in market squares and other open spaces - there you are guaranteed to find and sell one highlight or another.
  • Second-hand loaded:Of course, there are also numerous stores that sell used products. Often specialized (e.g. clothing) but often with a much broader spectrum.
  • The auction:Whether it's auctions or real estate closeouts, every now and then you hear about one or the other additional opportunity to get used but new items at reasonable prices outside of the usual touchpoints.
  • Newspaper classifieds:The principle of eBay classified ads also exists in the offline world: classified ads in the daily newspaper. There you can also offer, buy or consult used goods.

Second hand shopping: sustainable, fair, cheap, grateful and absolutely simple!

Second Hand Shopping – definition, benefits and where to buy second hand (3)

Buying and selling used offers the ideal opportunity to protect the environment and save or earn money.The second hand is usually worth it.Especially if you're looking for basic items like toys or books that you can only use for a limited time.

Just because something is second-hand doesn't mean the item is inferior. On the other hand, the quality and processing of older products is often even higher. And, after all, longevity is the deciding factor when it comes to sustainability.

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Hope I helped you with this second hand item. Do you have any questions, suggestions or advice? So I await your comment.

stay sustainable

Second Hand Shopping – definition, benefits and where to buy second hand (4)

PS: Preferring second-hand is a great way to specifically avoid waste. Now you can find out what else you can do to lighten the garbage cans in the in-depth blog article atzero waste lifestyle.

₁ O. Feldforth; Norddeutscher Rundfunk: used clothes - second-hand trend (from 01.05.2022), available at [01/20/2023].


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