Amazing varieties of roses to add beautiful colors and scents to your garden (2023)


Roses are types of flowering shrubs famous for their beauty, fragrance and wonderful flowers. There are so many varieties, colors, and types of roses that it's hard to describe them all. Some types of roses have simple, compact flowers that can be quite small. Other types of roses have large, showy, fragrant flowers filled with dozens of petals.

Roses (Genre:rosas) are woody plants belonging to the familypink familywhat's in orderRosales.This means that roses are related to trees and shrubs such as cherry, raspberry, almond and plum. There are also many different types of roses that are suitable for almost any garden setting. Some miniature rose bushes are perfect for growing indoors in containers.

In general, roses fall into 3 main categories: modern garden roses, wild roses, and vintage garden roses. There are over 300 species of roses in all, with lower ranks of roses having thousands of cultivars and hybrids. Varieties of roses are also available in almost every shade imaginable. Depending on the type of rose, bushes can bloom once or several times a year.

Rose bushes also vary in size, from small compact bushes with miniature flowers to large climbing roses that can cover trellises. Most varieties of garden roses are medium-sized shrubs that produce a multitude of beautiful flowers.

Over the years, giving roses has become a symbol of many emotions and feelings. For example, a bouquet of red roses means love and romance, while white or yellow roses can mean friendship, celebration or joy.

Because of their exquisite beauty, roses are among thethe most beautiful flowers in the world.

Types of roses with photos and names - identification guide

We have created an extensive list of different types of roses with their common names and images to make it easy for you to identify which type of rose you have.

This list of roses includes many types of popular, impressive and showy roses. You'll also learn about some of the best varieties of each rose subspecies and how to grow them so your roses thrive.

modern roses

The classification of modern roses includes all roses grown since 1867. The first of the modern roses was a hybrid developed by Jean-Baptiste Guillot. This was a cross between a hybrid eternal rose and a tea rose. (1)

Modern roses are considered difficult to classify, as many of them are descended from ancient garden roses and hybrids. Modern varieties of roses are also very diverse, making it difficult to classify them accurately. The most popular types of modern roses are hybrid tea roses, grandifloras and floribundas.

Let's take a look at the many inferior classifications of modern roses.


The tea rose is a popular hardy rose.

Hybrid tea roses can be recognized by their long, straight stems and pointed flowers. One of the reasons hybrid tea roses are popular is that they bloom almost constantly.

These garden roses produce well-formed flowers that can be up to 12 cm in diameter in full bloom. The flowering shrubs can reach a height of between 3 and 1.8 m and produce a variety of fragrant flowers. They are very popular in cut flower arrangements because of their beautiful shapes and strong stems.

Hybrid Tees are hardy shrubs that are hardy in USDA zones 7.

Some notable hybrid tea roses:

  • Rose "Peace"It is an award-winning rose with large pink and yellow fragrant flowers.
  • Rose "Double Pleasure"it has red and white multicolored petals with a slightly wavy appearance.
  • Rosa „Chrysler Imperial“It is a beautiful example of a romantic red rose with citrus aromas and double flowers.
  • full pink candlesit is a type of white rose that blooms from spring to autumn and has a wonderfully sweet scent.
  • 'tropican' roseIt has large, showy, coral-colored flowers with a strong fragrance.
  • Rosa 'Papai Meilland'It has large, fragrant dark red flowers that bloom in summer and early fall.
  • Pink "Dark Night"it has large dark red flowers with pale yellow petals below.
  • Rose 'Caramel Damascus'it bears double apricot-coral flowers. This beautiful rose bush blooms from spring to autumn.
  • 'Black Baccara'-Hybrid-Teeroseis a kind ofblack rose flower- It has beautiful burgundy petals.

bush roses

Shrub roses have many flower clusters on each plant.

Shrub roses belong to a classification of roses that do not fit into the other groups of modern roses. In general, shrub roses are hardy rose varieties and can include species of roses that bloom once a year or are hybrids that bloom repeatedly. Shrub roses typically form many flower clusters on each plant.

Shrub roses can reach heights of between 1.5 and 4.5 m.

Some notable varieties of bush roses:

  • spring goldIt is a flowering rose that produces a mass of clusters of yellow and white flowers.
  • 'Molineux'Rose can also be classified as David Austin Rose. The bright yellow flowers have a light musky tea rose fragrance.
  • "swan"Rose bushes are a low-growing variety of roses that are an excellent choice.ground cover. Expect lots of white rose blooms from this variety.

miniature and miniflora

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There are different types of miniature roses that can be grown indoors or outdoors.

If you are looking for beautiful roses to grow indoors, all types of miniature roses are great. These cultivars are similar to hybrid tea roses, but they are just miniature versions. You can also plant "miniflora" roses in borders or garden borders.

Most miniature rose bushes grow between 6 and 36 inches tall and have small perfectly formed rose-shaped flowers. Because these houseplant rose varieties are descended from outdoor varieties, they need periods of cold weather to survive. Some types of miniature roses are single flowers, others are repeat flowers.

Some notable varieties of miniature roses:

  • 'Madalena'It is a kind of miniature rose bush that blooms repeatedly with pink flowers.
  • "Little Holland"is a beautiful example of a compact mini rose with beautiful pink flowers.
  • 'Star Flag'it has clusters of small patterned red and white petals.
  • "Autumn Splendor"It produces impressive miniature flowers with bicolored orange and red petals.

climb roses

There are many stunning hybrid climbing roses in many color variations.

Climbing rose varieties are types of rose bushes that have long, flexible stems. One of the beauties of climbing roses is that they bloom all summer and fall.

These climbing roses can grow to around 6m in height and will add height and color to any garden. Unlike climbing plants, roses in this category do not climb by clinging to walls or trellises. You need to attach woody vines to surfaces to help them climb. In full bloom, climbing roses can look spectacular with masses of pink, red, white or yellow flowers.

Some notable varieties of climbing roses:

  • "Brand"It is a stunning climbing rose variety with showy deep red flowers that bloom from spring to fall.
  • 'Eden'with its lush pink flowers it can transform any wall, truss or structure into a sea of ​​pink.
  • "Cecile Brunner"it has clusters of small light pink flowers and displays vigorous climbing ability. This is also a kind of polyantha rose.
  • 'Eisberg'it is a climbing rose variety with voluminous, white, ruffled flowers and grows to 4.5 m in height.

walking roses

Rambler Roses Can Grow Bigger Than Climbing Roses

Rambler roses are similar to climbing roses, but have a different classification. The difference between the types of climbing roses and climbing roses is height and flowering patterns. Rambler roses can grow up to 30 feet tall, but they only bloom once a season. However, there are some new varieties of climbing roses available that bloom repeatedly.

When climbing roses bloom in late spring and early summer, the effect is truly spectacular. Rambler roses produce large, showy clusters of small, compact flowers with up to 20 per stem.

Some notable varieties of climbing roses:

  • rosasfilipes'Kiftsgate'It is a vigorous climbing rose variety with beautiful white jasmine-like flowers. One specimen is said to be the largest rose in England, measuring 15m high and 24m wide!
  • 'Garden'It is a hardy climbing rose variety with bushy, pale yellow flowers and a wonderfully sweet fragrance. This is a repeat flowering variety.
  • 'Adelaide d'Orléans'it has delicate clusters of small pale pink buds that open into white flowers.
  • "Dorothy Perkins"is a popular species of climbing rose with large clusters of pink flowers.
  • 'Princesa Louise'it has pale pink buds that open into bristly white flowers.

tree roses

Tree roses add a stunning look to any garden landscape.

Tree roses are a spectacular type of rose bush that looks like a small flowering tree. Tree rose is developed by grafting a rose bush to the top of a long rose bush. Some rose growers graft 2 or 3 different rose bushes together to create stunning flower arrangements.

Tree roses are attractive shrubs in any garden. The beautiful rose bush sits atop the 'tree trunk', allowing you to admire some of the most beautiful flowers in a garden at eye level. Many types of miniature roses are also good roses for trees.

Polyantha Rosen

Pink Polyantha 'The Fairy' has beautiful pale pink flowers

Varieties of roses classified as polyantha roses produce clusters of small pink flowers from spring to fall. The flowers of Polyantha roses are usually 2.5 cm in diameter and are usually pink, red or white. It is not uncommon for some rose bushes to flower during the season.

One of the reasons Polyantha roses are among the most popular types of roses is that they are easy to care for and very plants.

Some notable varieties of polyantha roses:

  • "Greetings from Aachen"it has pale peach petals that form double rosette-shaped flowers.
  • 'death rate'it is a kind of rose with light pink to white flowers. The densely packed flower head can contain 25 or more petals.
  • "Happy Rose"they have small, cherry-red flowers.
  • "Cecile Brunner"they have pale pink fragrant flowers that bloom repeatedly in summer.


Rosa 'Pomponella' is a compact type of floribunda reaching a height of 80 cm

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Recognized for its many impressive clusters of flowers, the floribunda has a distinctive bushy appearance. It is known as a "free flowering" species of rose due to the abundance of flowers it produces.

Bed roses come in a variety of colors including purple, orange, yellow, white and pink.

Bed roses are obtained by crossing polyantha roses with hybrid teas. This is how easy-care rose bushes are created.

Because of their vigorous flowering, floribundas are often chosen for landscaping and beautifying public parks.

Some notable beet varieties:

  • 'Eisberg'It gets its name from the abundance of pure white rose flowers. This rose is also grown as a climbing rose.
  • "Anne Harkness"it has beautiful creamy pink petals with a deep red center.
  • 'Hot chocolate'Rose flowers have chocolate-orange petals that look stunning in gardens or in vases.
  • "Sol toscano"it has apricot-orange flowers in small clusters that bloom all season.
  • 'honey bunch'It has beautiful large, fragrant flowers.

ground cover roses

Ground cover rose 'Avon' has white flowers with a yellow center

As the name suggests, groundcover roses are low-growing types of roses that are also easy to care for. Typically, rose varieties in the groundcover category grow between 30 and 90 cm tall. These landscape roses are perfect for adding lots of color to your garden, along with fragrant scents and green foliage.

Some notable varieties of groundcover roses:

  • avonit has bright white open-shaped flowers and a beautiful bronze-yellow center.
  • 'Carpet of Coral Flowers'The roses have beautiful delicate coral-colored flowers that form the fragrant flower head.

David Austin Roses (English Roses)

Pink 'Cottage Rose' David Austin has beautiful ruffled pink flowers

David Austin is a famous rose grower who has bred some of the most beautiful English roses. Although not a separate classification, David Austin's roses are world famous today. The rose varieties in this category were bred to have the best characteristics of ancient and modern roses.

In the 50 years that David Austin has been growing roses, more than 240 new varieties have emerged. These English roses are hardy and disease resistant. David Austin's English Roses are known for their large, showy, fragrant blooms and beautiful pastel hues.

What's special about David Austin Rosen? They have the wonderful aroma of old roses and the resistance and vigorous flowering of modern roses.

Some Notable David Austin Rose Varieties:

  • "Benjamin Britten"It is a kind of English rose with showy purple flowers and double flowers.
  • "Charlotte"It is a hardy English rose variety with lush, showy yellow and white flowers. Each flower contains up to 100 petals!
  • "Suave Hermione"Rose has large fluffy flowers that are pale pink in color and smell wonderful.
  • "Darcy Bussell"it is a fast growing rose with masses of fragrant deep crimson red flowers.
  • "Harlow Carr"It has strongly scented pink flowers that bloom from early summer through autumn.
  • Munstead woodIt has impressive dark crimson red flowers with a strong fragrance.

Grandiflora Rosen

Grandiflora 'Pink Parfait' Rose has beautiful pink flowers

The grandiflora classification of roses includes roses that are crosses between hybrid teas and floribundas. The name rosa grandiflora comes from the fact that this species is larger than the floribunda roses. Some of the taller varieties can reach heights of up to 8 feet (2.4 m).

Since the 1980s, grandiflora roses have not been as popular as they used to be. Most people choose hybrid tea or hybrid tea roses for their garden.

Some notable varieties of grandiflora roses:

  • 'Amar'is an appropriate name for this large red rose with its delicate white center.
  • "Perfect Cherry"it looks impressive due to the bright white petals and reddish edge.
  • 'A dream comes true'It features rose-shaped flowers with delicate multicolored orange, pink, and red petals.
  • 'Queen Isabel'It is the classic grandiflora rose and has a graceful, beautifully formed flower in a beautiful shade of pink.

old garden roses

Old roses include many groups, each with many varieties.

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Antique garden roses are classified as any type of rose grown or existing before 1867, when the first modern rose was created. Old Garden category roses are also known as historic or historic roses.

The distinguishing features of old garden roses are their intense aroma and their large, showy double flowers. Traditionally, old garden roses bloomed singly, but new repeating roses were created in the 19th century.

Mature garden roses are divided into several groups. Here are descriptions of these groups of old roses:

Alba Rosen

Rosa Alba 'Maiden's Blush' - beautiful white garden rose

One of the oldest types of hybrid roses and blooms in late spring or early summer. Expect beautiful showy white and pink blooms from Alba roses.


Louise Odier Bourbon-Rosensorte

Bourbon roses have large frilly pink flowers that are beautifully scented and bloom repeatedly. These also belong to the category of climbing roses.

tea rose

Old tea roses are not hardy, but they are fragrant roses.

Tea roses originate from China and are characterized by a wonderful tea aroma. These roses bloom repeatedly but are not hardy and prefer warmer climates.

Gallica Rosen

pink gala

Roses of the Gallica classification only bloom once a season. They produce some of the finest examples of Old Garden Roses which are brown, purple, magenta, crimson or red.

damask rose

damask rose

This ancient category of roses takes its name from Damascus in the Middle East. Some varieties of Damascena roses bloom in summer and others in autumn. There are also some recurring strains.

Centifolia-Rosen (Provence-Rosen)

Rosa x centifolia (also called rose de Provence and cabbage rose)

Centifolia roses, also known as cabbage roses, have very large flower heads that resemble cabbages. Typically, attractive rose petals come in many shades, from white to hot pink. Due to their intense fragrance, they are often used to make rose fragrances.

chinese rose (chinese rose)

chinese rose

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The ancient Chinese garden rose species are often considered the primary parents of modern varieties. These repeatedly blooming roses helped to develop many of the modern roses that bloom from spring to fall.

hazelnut roses

Rose 'Blush Hazelnut' is a kind of light pink hazelnut rose

Heritage Noisette roses were important rose species for the development of the yellow and orange varieties. Its large, fragrant flowers bloom throughout the season.


Rose of Moises

One of the attractive features of moss roses is the woody scent they give off. These roses produce a wide variety of showy variegated flowers and are among the finest Old Garden rose hybrids.

hybrid old rose

1924 Pemberton Hybrid Musk Rose 'Penelope'

There are several varieties of antique hybrid roses that technically don't fall into the category of antique garden roses. However, most rose category lists rank some late 19th century hybrids alongside other traditional and historic roses.

hybrid musky rosesform clusters of simple flowers, each with 5 petals. The name of this group of roses comes from the strong musky smell that the flowers exude. Rosehip hybrids are prized for their dense green foliage.

hybrid eternal rosesthey were some of the first hybrids in the west to be grown as flowering hybrids. This group of roses includes many old varieties of roses from other categories that were grown as repeat bloomers.

Hybrid Rugosa-Rosenit is another category of roses that belongs to Old Garden Roses, but they are newer hybrids. These repeatedly blooming roses are extremely fragrant and have showy double flowers.

Bermuda „Misterio“-Rosenare an important group of roses that grow in tropical countries but are disease resistant. This makes these roses important for breeding strong, disease-resistant new breeds. They are called "mystery" roses because the names of the rose species are not known.

Type of roses (wild roses)

The wild rose has 5 petals.

Rose species is the botanical term for roses that grow naturally in the wild and are not the result of hybridization or breeding. Generally, all types of roses are solitary and have single flowers with 5 petals.

Wild roses are a good choice to grow in your garden if you want a hardy, low-maintenance plant. In fact, some gardeners say wild roses thrive with neglect rather than care and attention. They usually have an expansive nature and produce beautiful pink flowers when they bloom in spring and early summer.

Some popular types of rose species for your garden are:

  • Rosehip (mashata rosa)
  • Scottish rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia)
  • Sra. Banks Pink (Banksia pink)
  • Sweetbriar-Rose (a rusty rose)
  • rose moyesii– a kind of wild rose that blooms in autumn

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What is the most unique rose? ›

Because the Blue Rose is the rarest color of rose, you can expect the price of the flower to be higher than other colors. Due to the fact that the blue rose is a unique rare color, it is best to contact your florist well in advance when ordering a bouquet of these mysterious flowers.

What type of rose is the generous gardener? ›

Rosa 'The Generous Gardener' is a robust shrub rose with arching stems and glossy, dark green foliage. In summer it bears beautiful fully double, soft pink to pale white-pink flowers a traditional musky old-rose fragrance.

What color rose is the most fragrant? ›

Dark colored roses are most fragrant as they tend to produce more of the scent oils considered typical of sweet roses. Red and pink roses also tend to produce what we consider typical rose scent.

What color roses smell the strongest? ›

Darker-colored roses are more fragrant than lighter ones. The more petals your rose has, the stronger the smell. Petals that are thicker contain more fragrance.

What kind of roses have a scent? ›

Red and pink roses tend to smell like what we associate with the typical traditional rose floral scent. White and yellow roses can smell like violets, nasturtium, and lemons. Vibrant yellow and orange roses can smell like a variety of fruits, nasturtium, violets, and cloves.

What is the most fragrant flower of all? ›


Whether it's the queen of the night or the poet's jasmine, they all are the most fragrant flowers in the world with a strong and sweet scent.

What is the Queen's Favourite rose? ›

It is widely known that the Queen's favourite flower was the Lily of the Valley. Roses featured heavily in the wreath and some of our most popular roses have always been Rose Queen Elizabeth and the Rose Platinum Jubilee that was launched earlier in 2022.

What flower only blooms once every 100 years? ›

Agave Americana Blooms Once Every Hundred Years

It's also known as a century plant because it only blooms once every 100 years (roughly) and then dies. But, because Raleigh gets more rain than the plant's usual home in the high elevations of Northern Mexico, the Century Plant is blooming after only thirty years.

Is there a rose called deep secret? ›

Deep Secret is a garden rose with exquisitely shaped, deep velvet red blooms which are borne singularly and in trusses. Highly attractive young red foliage turns into deep olive green, with sturdy upright growth. Deep Secret has a strong fragrance and is absolutely stunning.

What type of rose is deep secret? ›

Deep Secret is a stunning rose and probably one of the darkest of the red Hybrid Tea roses with dark purple buds opening to rich velvety blooms that flower in flushes continuously from June until August. It strong, bushy and upright growth bears dark glossy foliage with a few thorns and is reasonably disease free.

What type of rose is happy retirement? ›

A cluster flowering floribunda rose. Masses of bright pink blooms are produced repeatedly through out the summer into the autumn. Beautiful delicate scent.

Which is the best rose garden in the world? ›

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

At this time, more than 650 varieties of roses are in peak bloom. The rose garden was originally designed in 1916. Today, it contains more than 4,000 roses. Considered one of the world's best rose gardens, the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is located in the Bronx, NYC.

What is the most famous color of rose? ›

Red is probably the most famous rose color of all time. Red roses signify romantic love, desire and passion. No wonder red roses are such a hit during Valentine's Day. This color is the top pick when sending a bouquet to convey and confess their love and admiration.

What is the most popular rose color? ›

Meaning of Red Roses

Red is the most popular color of roses sold at Valentine's Day, making up 60% of sales, according to the Society of American Florists. And for good reason! The striking color symbolizes love, specifically romantic love.

What season is rose scent? ›

The Complex Scent of Rose

Roses are harvested at the onset of summer during the early morning hours because that is when their scent is the most potent. Roses release their fragrance when they are ready for pollination, which occurs when the flowers are half open.

How do you make roses more fragrant? ›

Since some of these compounds evaporate faster than others, the fragrance of a rose can change as the bloom opens. In addition to sun, soil, and pH, adequate water is an important factor. When additional moisture is present, the scent ingredient in the chloroplasts increases, which adds more potential fragrance.

What makes a rose smell good? ›

Geraniol, a monoterpene, makes up much of rose oil's signature scent. In many plants, geraniol synthase, an enzyme that belongs to the terpene synthase family, is responsible for producing the fragrant molecule.

Which flower is known as queen of fragrance? ›

Jasmine is considered the queen of flowers and is called the "Belle of India" or the "Queen of fragrance" as it is exquisitely scented to soothe and refresh. In different parts of India it is called by different names—Mogra, Motia, Chameli, Malli puvvu, Jaati, Mulla, Mallige, Juhi, Mogra or Moonlight in the grove.

Which flower is king of fragrance? ›

Gardenia (Cape Jasmine)

Named after the Scottish botanist Alexander Garden, these are popularly known as “Gandharaj” in India, which literally translates to 'king of fragrances'. These evergreen large, white flowers can be grown as houseplants.

Is the scent of rose attractive? ›

Rose oil. In a small, but interesting study published in PLOS One, researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that the smell of rose oil caused study participants to rank photos of faces as more attractive than less-desirable smells, like fish oil.

Do Forever Roses have a scent? ›

Do these forever roses have a scent? Yes. We add a rose scent to the flowers to give them back their wonderful smell. During the preservation process, the natural scent is "taken" away.

Why do some roses smell better than others? ›

It is known that a single constituent of rose oil, such as rose oxide, can impart different scents depending on which 3-D shape they have formed. Rose oxide, for instance, can produce four different scents, sweet, fruity, minty or citrusy, depending on which one of four 3-D shapes it has formed.

What is the most beautiful smell in the world? ›

Vanilla seems to have the most pleasing scent in the world, according to the new study. Researchers tested different smells with 235 people from a variety of backgrounds, many of them from indigeneous populations who have little contact with Western culture.

What plants smell all year round? ›

  • Lilac, Syringa cultivars.
  • Korean spice bush, Viburnum carlesii.
  • Mock Orange, Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile'
  • Gardenia cultivars.
  • Daphne x transatlantica 'Blafra' Eternal Fragrance.
  • Sweet Olive, Osmanthus fragrans 'Fudingzhu'
  • Winter Honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima.
Apr 5, 2016

Which flower is most beautiful in the world? ›

Top 10 Beautiful Flowers
  • Tulip.
  • Orchid.
  • Lily.
  • Lotus.
  • Gladioli.
  • Carnation.
  • Iris.
  • Bird of Paradise.
Nov 23, 2021

What are the Royals Favourite flowers? ›

The first key sighting of Her Majesty with the flower was back in 1953 in her coronation bouquet. The Lily Of The Valley was confirmed as the Queen's favourite flower as part of the #mychelseagarden campaign back in 2019.

Is Queen Elizabeth Rose fragrant? ›

One of the most popular roses of all time and for good reason - Queen Elizabeth is a lovely variety with large, pink, double blooms that flower continuously all summer long. Each of its astonishingly pretty flowers is accompanied by a delicate light scent that is sure to delight wherever you plant it.

What is the immortal flower? ›

The meaning of amaranth is “immortal”, as in the old days is was considered to be a real flower of immortality because of its many benefits. The ancient people of Mexico used the seeds as part of their staple diet, together with corn and beans.

What is the most forgotten flower? ›

Grandmothers and grandfathers with a green thumb might remember it: the Scabiosa. A special flower, which until recently, had been forgotten. The Scabiosa, also known as 'pincushion flower', was grown from seed, had medium size flowers with a delicate stem and grew mostly in blue tones.

What is the name of the flower that never dies? ›

Kalanchoe integra (Never die); flowers and leaves.

What is a high Magic rose? ›

Description. The High and Magic rose is viewed as an orange rose, but is actually a bi-color rose that is yellow base with red tips. It has a large head that opens nicely with plenty of petals with not much fragrance. The High and Magic rose pairs well with a bright, summery palette.

Is there a rose called in loving memory? ›

Loving Memory is a red rose with thick, velvety petals; the outer ones reflex slightly to present the whirlpool of intricate loveliness in the centre of the flower, each of which can reach up to 12 cm across and contain 40 petals! The fragrance is mild and slightly sweet.

Is there a rose called soulmate? ›

Description. This Soul Mate Floribunda Rose possesses beautifully produced vibrant white flowers combined with dark green glossy foliage. This wonderful bloom has a mellow fragrance and paired with its colouring the result is remarkable. A rose for everybody to revel in.

What color rose is in memory of? ›

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, remembrance, and respect. "Suited to reverent occasions, the white rose is a fitting way to honor a friend or loved one in recognition of a new beginning or a farewell," says

What type of flower is the secret garden full of? ›

Lily. “The place was a wilderness of autumn gold and purple and violet blue and flaming scarlet and on every side were sheaves of late lilies standing together—lilies which were white or white and ruby.”

Is there a rose called thinking of you? ›

Thinking Of You is a Hybrid Tea garden rose, wonderful in bud and opens out to reveal beautiful, deep crimson and blood red blooms on tall stems with good fragrance. It flowers early and repeats well all summer, and is great for cutting for indoor blooms.

What color rose means new life? ›

Green Roses

Like the lavender rose these colors are seen in spring and can represent rebirth and tranquility. As a gift, green roses symbolize best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for the recovery of good health.

What rose represents pure love? ›

An orange bouquet of roses takes the pure love represented by a red rose, and the gratitude for friendship that yellow symbolizes. Orange roses are a great way to tell someone you're proud of them.

What is the most popular rose variety? ›

Hybrid tea roses: This is one of the most popular types of roses, which feature large ornate blooms with 30 to 50 petals budding off of long stems. There are thousands of hybrid tea roses that have been bred, with new introductions constantly replacing outdated varieties.

What is the oldest rose variety? ›

The Rose of Hildesheim aka the 1000-Year Old Rose, is thought to be the oldest living rose on the planet. It was thought that the bush was planted when the church was built. The rose bush slowly grew up the side of the cathedral and now continues to bloom each year usually around May.

What is the most popular rose flower? ›

Hybrid tea roses are one of the most popular classes of roses, and it's not hard to understand why. With bountiful, ornate blooms that sprout from long stems and reach anywhere from 30-50 petals, the hybrid tea rose creates a dazzling display in any garden.

Which flower has the most attractive smell? ›

12 Best Smelling Flowers in the World
  • Gardenia. ...
  • Rose. ...
  • Lily. ...
  • Magnolia. ...
  • Jasmine. ...
  • Freesia. ...
  • Honeysuckle. ...
  • Lavender.

What is the strongest smelling red rose? ›

Mister Lincoln is probably the most fragrant red rose in the world. This well known hybrid tea rose produces a sweet, classic rose scent. Mister Lincoln is a right choice for your cutting garden or exhibition. You can smell its large velvet, deep red flowers from almost 10 feet away.

What is the best smelling flower in the world? ›

Gardenia. Gardenia is one of the most fragrant flowers, producing one of the most beloved scents in the garden world. Fall or spring is the best time to plant this shrub in warmer climates.

Which is the king of flower? ›

Rose is the king and queen of flowers. Rose is the oldest flowering plant and it is an ornamental flowering plant.

What does it mean when you smell the scent of roses? ›

to have people believe that you are good and honest after a difficult situation that could have made you seem bad or dishonest: When the results of the fraud investigation were announced last week, the staff came up smelling of roses.

What is the saying about smelling roses? ›

(idiomatic) To relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life.

Is there a rose called Deep Secret? ›

Deep Secret is a garden rose with exquisitely shaped, deep velvet red blooms which are borne singularly and in trusses. Highly attractive young red foliage turns into deep olive green, with sturdy upright growth. Deep Secret has a strong fragrance and is absolutely stunning.

What plant has the strongest fragrance? ›


Whether it's the queen of the night or the poet's jasmine, they all are the most fragrant flowers in the world with a strong and sweet scent.

What is the most lovely flower? ›

Top 10 Beautiful Flowers
  • Tulip. ...
  • Orchid. ...
  • Lily. ...
  • Lotus. ...
  • Gladioli. ...
  • Carnation. ...
  • Iris. Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, irises come in an extremely wide variety of colors, although most common in lavender, purple, and yellow. ...
  • Bird of Paradise.
Nov 23, 2021


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